Our story


A house by the name of Bullocks was recorded way back some 350 years ago. It’s strange to think that so many have lived, laughed and worked the fields here for so long.

My family came here, to the village of Great Canfield in the 1940s, farmed the fields and raised pigs. At that time there was still a thriving railway line in Takeley and a hermit resided down by the river; my aunt often spoke of how Jimmy, the hermit’s brother would come up to the farm to collect milk to take to him and how the lice could be seen scuttling about in his beard!  

Life has changed considerably since but North Essex still remains rich in history and natural beauty, containing a higher concentration of listed buildings than anywhere else in the country. We believe strongly in preserving our wonderfully diverse landscape beloved of Constable and the Great Bardfield Artists Group. Philip and I moved into the farmhouse with our children Ben, Leo and Anna and took over running the farm some 12 years ago, renovating the house then setting about tackling the farmyard. We have planted hedges and woodland trees to improve the natural environment and as a family we are involved in and support many community events and initiatives in the village.

Although Bullocks is now mainly arable, we farm a small herd of rare-breed pigs, which provide us with great pork and fabulous sausages, a few sheep (grass maintenance only) and chickens for eggs. We also have a vegetable garden and orchard and try to use as much freshly-picked produce in our recipes as possible.

At 180 acres of arable as well as woodland and a river running at the bottom of the fields, we are lucky enough to have plenty of space to enjoy and together with the village of Great Canfield there are miles of footpaths to walk and lanes to cycle and ride through. Please check out the page on ‘Your Stay’ to see what’s around and happening locally.

The Fieldbarns designed by an award winning architectural practice opened in Summer 2018. Newly built, barn-style living, each property takes its names from historical fields at Bullocks. Millers, nearest the fields comes from Cart Millers, a small boggy 2 acre field which in 1822 was surrounded by a ditch and sat just behind the house. Fox Hatch is a field name still in use today; although much enlarged now, at the turn of the last century it was 16 acres. Woolmers the third property takes it name from Woolmers Common, a large piece of common land straddling the river where parishioners had the right to graze their animals.  

We have tried to create a quiet haven for people visiting the area and have made each property as comfortable, relaxing and practical as possible. If there is anything you need while you are with us, please ask. We are happy to explain walks or our favourite haunts.